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This training and support is provided to help you climb the ladder of success in your ComproTax business!

tax classes starts august 2019



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We created these pdf's and e-books to help you start and grow your ComproTax business into a successful enterprise.  As a part of our team, you can download these books from this website.  You'll need to be a member of Team One.


We're sure that when starting your ComproTax business, you're probably asking how do get you started, how do you get clients and affiliates?  How do I get them to know about my business and the services that I provide?  That is why we at ComproTax Houston are providing you with these marketing materials and assistance to get help you the message out about your business.

Building An Email List

One of the most important activity that you can do to not only help you build your ComproTax business, but scale it is using lead captures to collect email addresses

Emails is the most effective way to connect, engage and educate your prospects and clients about the service you provide.

The best way to collect emails is to offer your viewers and audience something in return for their information.  This book along with a video on "How To Find The Right Tax Preparer" can be customized with your information an sent out through email, social media or direct.


What's Included

  1.  How To Choose The Best Tax Preparer Branded E-book

  2. How To Choose The Best Tax Preparer Video

  3. 3 Autoresponders Emails

conference call the first monday of the month at 7:30 PM est