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At ComproTax Houston, located in the Houston TX area , we offer professional tax preparation services to individuals, families and small business owners.  We work with you to make sure you get all the deductions and credits due you. We want you to pay the least legally. We also want you to get the largest refund allowable by law, so we interview you very carefully to determine how to apply the latest IRS regulations to benefit you.
BONUS: We also can provide a review previous returns for possible refunds.


If you're busy, can't set an appointing, then the next best option is to drop off your tax information at our office.


It can happen in the instant.  Something you depend on each and every pay period to take care of you and your family, your paycheck.  You access your bank account like you normally do to view your paycheck and you realize that there’s been a mistake. That your employer has made an error. You start thinking, maybe they withheld too much or miscalculated my pay.  Neither of these may be true.  While these seem to be the most likely situations, neither is true. After reviewing your paycheck a little more, you realize part of your earnings have been taken by the IRS through a process known as wage garnishment.  If this happen to you, then you need to act fast by calling ComproTax Houston at 832-644-8104.  


IRS Bank Levy

Bank Levy is one of the most frightening of all actions, the IRS take to collect a tax debt  You go to pay a bill and you get a message “insufficient funds”!  You’re at a restaurant and you go to pay the server and they come back and say “the change was decline”!  Automatic withdrawals from your account and you start receiving calls or emails from them.  You know you have more than enough money in the bank to pay your bills and charges.  What’s going on you say.  The first thing that you do is call or walk into your bank and they give you the bad news, the IRS has place a Levy on your bank accounts.  And this Levy is placed on all of your bank accounts.  When this happens, you need to move fast by calling ComproTax Houston at 832-644-8104.


IRS Lien

An IRS Lien is a claim used as security for a tax debt.the IRS take to collect a tax debt  A lien is the IRS way of placing a legal claim against all of your property when you fail to pay off a tax debt.  This protect the IRS interest in all of your property, which could include real estate, personal property and financial assets.  


Innocent Spouse Relief

Keep this in mind, although you might be personally in total compliance with the IRS in regards to your taxes, the IRS can sometimes saddle you with a tax debt that is the responsibility of your spouse or ex-spouse.  If you were not aware of the actions of your spouse or ex-spouse or had no part in it call ComproTax Houston at 832-644-8104.

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