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Payroll Services

For business owners, there are not many other functions in your business that causes more stress than payroll.

The Payroll Story

It's starts the minute you hire someone to work for you.  Having to process that person payroll is probably simple. But then you grow and add more employees. 

Now payroll involves performing many tasks to ensure accurate and timely paychecks and payroll tax and record-keeping compliance.

Now it's not so easy.

1.  Process the payroll
2.  Make changes if applicable
3.  Compute timekeeping data
4.  Compute other types of pay - bonuses - commissions
5.  Print report to verify payroll is accurate
6.  Print payroll checks/stubs
7.  Print payroll register

Then There Is The Government

You must withhold taxes from your employee and send it to the various government agencies.

And you must do this on time or face penalties and other cost.

 So Why Bother Let Us Handle It For You



How We Help!

  • Increase Profits

  • Reduce Taxes

  • Put More Money In The Bank

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